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Coombe End Farms is a privately owned and well-capitalised contracting business that has been operating within the local community since 1962.  Working in partnership to maintain excellent working relationships has ensured that we have retained contracting work for the same individual clients for over 25 years. The Estate itself comprises around 2000 acres and falls between the villages of Elkstone and Winstone, approximately 5 miles from Cirencester and 4 miles from Cheltenham.

staff and mintenanc

The Estate employs four members of staff to oversee its arable operation who collectively have around 80 years of experience between them.

The farm encourages a continual update of training and certification for insurance and compliance purposes, which include Health & Safety.

The Estate is managed by the owner and an Estate Manager , who work closely via consultation with Mike Dolman of Cirencester Crop Management Ltd.

Mike has been advising the business since 2003. Martyn Thorn is the Farm Manager and has over 30 years experience. If it is required, we maintain continual communication with our clients and inform them well in advance of respective timelines.


Coombe End Farms is equipped with a top of the range fleet of machinery, which are replaced regularly to ensure vehicles remain competitively time efficient, effective and economical.

Our machinery includes:

  • Claas Lexion Combine Harvester – 760 Terra Track - 9 metre header

  • 2 x John Deere 7290R tractors with GPS autosteer

  • John Deere Tractor 6150R & Loader

  • JCB Loadall 535-95 Telescopic Loader

  • 2020 Bateman RB35 S/P sprayer with 4000L tank, RTK and Capstan nozzle control technology

  • Kverneland Reversible Plough

  • Vaderstad 5 metre Top Down Cultivator

  • Vaderstad 8 metre NZ Spring Tine Cultivator

  • Horsch 6 metre Sprinter Cultivator Drill with seed/fertiliser hoppers (see info)

  • Cousin 12 metre Cambridge Rolls Kuhn 30 metre Fertiliser Spinner

  • Bomford Tri wing 6 metre Topper

  • Bomford Hedgecutter – Standard head and Heavy duty head


Horsch Sprinter 6 metre cultivator drill with dual seed and fertiliser hopper and slug pelleter with 1” or 5” Dutch coulters and a full width front packer.

As blackgrass continues to be an issue establishing cereals on the Cotswolds and establishment techniques evolve, the ability to sow in a later slot without moving the soil too much is the benefit of the Dutch coulter. Oilseed rape can be established directly into stubbles with the 1” coulter and a DAP type fertiliser applied at the same time. Slug pellets go on in the same operation if required. Barley and wheat are sown using the 5” Dutch coulter with minimal soil disturbance with the option to place a fertiliser product with the seed.

The spring cereal establishment can take advantage of cheaper grade fertilisers which might not be suitable for spinning on from a spreader and major savings can be made on the cost of crop establishment. The purchase of this piece of equipment has been supported by the Cotswolds LEADER Programme which acknowledges the benefits of new and innovative technology in the sustainable establishment of arable crops in the Cotswolds AONB.

Swimming Pool

6000 tonne vented floor store completed in 2021

  • Parker Farms commercial weighbridge

  • 180 tonne intake bay

  • Scandia elevators & conveyor 100 tonnes per hour

  • Aagaard AF 100 aspiration pre-cleaner

  • Svegma SV6/6 continuous multi-flow dryer 50 tonnes per hour

Screen Shot 2018-12-05 at 6.55_edited.png
  • Ploughing

  • Cultivating

  • Drilling

  • Rolling

  • Fertilising – liquid / solid

  • Spraying

  • Combine Harvesting

  • Grain Carting

  • Grain Drying

  • Grain Storage

  • Hedge-trimming


Whether you desire assistance with isolated operations or would like to discuss a “stubble to stubble” contract farming agreement, please do not hesitate to get in touch.



T: 01285 821 331 


or  T: 01285 821 688

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